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Citizen Science

Breaking the boundaries of the academy: citizen participation in scientific research.

In School

Breaking the boundaries of the classroom: students as citizen scientists.

Latest Community Events

Latest Community News

Panel on citizen science partnerships

A panel of educational researchers, teachers, and an ecologist, presented its unique viewpoint on citizen science partnerships in schools, in a natiional convention.

School students visit the university

Prof. Eran Tauber and Prof. Tama Shochat, the scientists collaborating in the Sleep project, invited students to visit university labs.

Citizen Science for Geographic Literacy

Findings from Mrs. Dalit Lan's research on learning through participation in a geographic citizen science project were presented in the international "Ste of the Map 2022" convention.

Annual Summer Convention

Annual Summer Convention

Community Forum

Join a growing community of supporters and practitioners of citizen science in school

Educational Teams

We work with school teams on the development of citizen science educational programs.

Several 'ready-made' programs will be available on site soon.​


We collaborate with research groups that seek to involve students in their scientific investigations.

Students' involvment can advance research while providing an educational and social value.​


We welcome partners that enhance and leverage our research and practice of citizen science in schools.

We plan on expanding our outreach in innovative and creative ways. 

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